With the SeaSense Greasable Roller Shaft, you don’t have to worry about regularly removing the roller from the boat to lubricate or grease it. This roller shaft features grease fittings on each end that lubricate the rollers in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Ideal for keel rollers and bunk rollers
  • Grease fitting lubricates the rollers as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Zinc plated

The shaft is zinc plated for strength and corrosion resistance. This shaft comes in range of sizes and includes an e-ring.

Features of SeaSense Greasable Roller Shaft

  • For use with keel rollers and bunk rollers
  • Grease fitting on ends lubricates the roller
  • No need to remove roller – no more sticky or greasy fingers
  • Includes E-clips
  • Come in different sizes


Manf. Part # 50089810

  • Size: 1/2"x5-1/4"

Manf. Part # 50089816

  • Size: 1/2"x6-1/4"

Manf. Part # 50089822

  • Size: 5/8"x5-1/4"

Manf. Part # 50089826

  • Size: 5/8"x6-1/4"

Manf. Part # 50089833

  • Size: 5/8"x9-1/4"

Manf. Part # 50089836

  • Size: 5/8"x11-1/8"

Manf. Part # 50089843

  • Size: 5/8"x13-1/2"

Manf. Part # 50089775

  • Size: 1/2"x5-1/4"

Manf. Part # 50089778

  • Size: 1/2"x6-1/4"

Manf. Part # 50089797

  • Size: 5/8"x19"