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  • iboats Review of Sea Cat: Manufacturer of Sea Cat Catamaran Boats

    Sea Cat likes to emphasize the fact that their boats are for nearly everyone. They ride smoothly on the water, even if it's choppy. This allows you to take your family and friends, even grandparents out on the water without jostling them to pieces. These boats are incredibly fuel efficient. Even when the boat is loaded down with gear, food, and people... it will still maintain great mileage. These boats are notorious for their safety and care. People who buy Sea Cat catamarans spend more time worrying about the fish they're about to catch than getting to the fishing location.

    Sea Cat for the family is comfortable. The seating is spacious and plush. There's a lot of storage for fishing gear, picnic food, and safety supplies. It's perfect for the family budget... Sea Cat catamarans aren't overpriced like their competitors. Sea Cat boats for divers and fishermen is perfect as well. These boats won't tip or rock when you're fishing off one side of the boat. These catamarans are sturdy. It's perfect for diving because the whole surface of the boat is cleared out to keep all your equipment handy. Divers won't be tripping on clutter with all their gear on- the deck is clean and not slippery.

    Sea Cat has a commercial line as well. They are the only diesel inboard/outboard flat boat in the market. This boat has the power and economy of a diesel with the advantages of a twin hull. This boat handles sharp turns and quick changes in speed well. This boat is reliable and most of all, easy to maintain. Owners won't have to worry about upkeep and spending money on expensive parts because Sea Cat catamarans are dependable.

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