Let your outboard engine keep operating at maximum performance with the SeaSense Universal EPA Compliant Fuel Line Assembly. This assembly includes a large primer bulb and a fuel line. The fuel line comes with a protective barrier that prevents harmful hydrocarbons from leaking into the atmosphere.

This fuel line assembly is made for safe and environment-friendly usage. The hose has a cover that protects it from abrasion and weather. The large primer bulb is made to be alcohol resistant to ensure lasting use.

  • EPA compliant primer bulb and fuel line
  • Environmental safe  
  • Primer bulb is alcohol resistant

Features of Seasense Universal EPA Compliant Fuel Line Assembly

  • Large alcohol resistant primer bulb
  • Protective cover shields fuel line from abrasion and weather
  • Fuel line I.D: 3/8"
  • Fuel line length: 7'