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New 2008 Sedona Pontoon Boats

New - 2008 - Sedona Pontoon Boats
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  • About Sedona Pontoon Boats
  • About Sedona Pontoon Boats

    Sedona pontoon boats are built by Bennington Marine, a name known in the industry for innovative design, high quality construction and customer satisfaction. Sedona Pontoon Boats awards include The National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for the 2005 and 2006 model years.

    Knowing that buyers of entry level boats are both value and price conscious, we put the same Bennington pride and attention to detail into every Sedona Pontoon. And a five year stem-to-stern warranty makes Sedona Pontoon Boats the best value in its class!

    Quick Release Radius Bimini Top

    Sedona Pontoon Boats deluxe bimini tops are without a doubt the sturdiest and most attractive in the industry. The radius top frame adds much to its stylish good looks and allows easy run-off of water (no puddling). The top is high enough so that even a very tall person can walk under it without ducking.

    Rails Construction

    Unlike many of our competitors, Sedona Pontoon Boats' rails are welded before anodizing, not after. This results in a stronger, smoother weld that will not discolor from oxidation. Sedona Pontoon rails are also welded on four sides, not two, wherever possible. Sedona rails are 1 1/4" (not 1"); .080" thick (not .060"). The rails are anchored to the frame of the boat (not the wood deck) wherever possible. Our inside rail supports are solid rather than hollow to ensure the sturdiest rails in the industry.

    Rattle-free Rails

    A special sealing tape on the perimeter of all Sedona rail panels ensures a quiet, rattle-free ride.

    Locking Elevator Bolts

    Stainless steel elevator bolts with locking nuts are used to secure the deck to the cross channels. Theyre stronger and have more holding power than the self-tapping screws many others are using.

    Radius Bow Channel

    The 1/4" (.250") thick radius bow channel reinforces the anodized bow trim on all Sedona Pontoon Boats. The super strong radius channel eliminates the need for bow corner castings which can easily break, pit, corrode and discolor. The radius bow channel also prevents the bow deck from sagging and protects against possible docking damage.

    Cross Channels

    Sedona’s 3-inch high cross channels are standard throughout the boat. They were designed for today’s heavier, larger horsepower engines and are the main reason why Sedona Pontoon Boats provide a solid, quiet ride.

    Pontoon Bow Eye

    Durable aluminum extruded bow eyes (not brittle castings) are beveled at the edges. The smooth radius edges prevent chaffing and snagging of dock lines.


    Every boat has a main wiring harness that is designed specifically for that model, and every wiring harness features marine grade, waterproof Deutsch connectors. Some boat manufacturers use quality connectors only in areas that can be seen in order to say they have an “advanced electrical system.” Sedona Pontoon Boats use these Deutsch connectors throughout the boat.

    Rigging Components

    We pre-rig our boats with genuine Yamaha OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts. We use the best binnacle controls and wiring harnesses available. Teleflex Extreme control cables, or equivalent, provide for silky smooth throttle and shift operation. A Teleflex 4:2 ratio helm makes steering our boats a pleasure. Fog resistant gauges help minimize moisture build-up.

    Rail Spacers

    ¼" rail spacers between the deck and rail allows water to easily drain off the deck. The added ventilation helps reduce the growth of mold and mildew when your boat is covered.

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