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New 2013 Shearwater Boats

New - 2013 - Shearwater Boats

  • About Shearwater Boats
  • About Shearwater Boats

    We are a small family owned business, dedicated to providing high quality products which enhance the enjoyment of outdoor places while minimizing impact. We enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them, and they have all been thoroughly tested by concerned consumers. My wife Sue and I started this little company in 1994. We have built boats and paddles for many happy customers. When demo-ing our boats in company with mass produced kayaks many customers comment that our kayaks handle better and are more comfortable than anything else they tried.

    Shearwater Boats is located near the water in Stamford Connecticut, and even though we have spent a lot of effort to enable you to see our boats on-line, there is no substitute for trying them. We offer free demos, and some nice places to paddle, so if you're in the area, give us a call, arrange a demo.

    About Greater Shearwaters our totem Birds

    Shearwaters are graceful birds that spend their lives gliding low over the waves at sea. They are looking for fish, squid and crustaceans; their preferred diet. They breed on distant islands from Bermuda to the Galapagos and South America. They wander far and wide at sea. shearwaters are found in the waters of the North Atlantic, North Pacific, and Mediterranean. Their graceful glide, tireless wandering spirit, and their ability to survive the perils of the open sea makes shearwaters are an excellent totem for our products.


    Most importantly, choose the boat to fit you and your paddling style. If you are planning to use the boat for playing in waves or rolling you should choose a smaller boat than you would if you plan to tour. Expeditions require storage space for gear and more floatation to carry the weight.


    Start by using the first option of cutting the plywood i.e. Cut first, join later. This uses only two sheets of the "good stuff" (for Mergansers and 17 foot Baidarka). Bulkheads, decks etc. can be made from cheaper plywood.

    While not strictly recommended, you can substitute 1/8" luan door-skin plywood for the more expensive okoume marine plywood. This plywood is pretty good stuff but is not quite as strong and may have some voids which may weaken it. However if you choose your sheets you will be able to build a good boat. You can also choose to use luan for the deck with okoume for the hull as a cost savings. Make all your own hardware: foot braces, deck fittings, hatches and seat.

    Banks Dory

    The Dory was a very common sight in any seaport on the east coast of the US and Canada. The Banks Dory was used by fisherman who rowed or sailed out to the fishing grounds often many miles from home they were carried aboard fishing schooners to off shore fishing grounds where they were used to tend nets or hooks.


    Building this model requires several tools including a hobby (X-Acto) knife, drill, sandpaper, glue, cloths pins, paint, brushes and a good work area. If you have purchased the kit, the pieces have already been cut out for you if not you can cut most of the parts with a hobby knife or use a coping saw, jeweler’s saw or jig saw.

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