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New 2013 Skeeter Boats

New - 2013 - Skeeter Boats

  • About Skeeter Boats
  • About Skeeter Boats

    Over five decades have passed since we built the first Skeeter Boat, which just so happened to be the world's first bass boat. Since then, Skeeter Boats has been setting the standard, raising the bar and leaving the rest of the boating industry in a wake of innovation.

    It was way back in 1948 that Holmes Thurmond designed and launched the first Skeeter boat. By no means was it the last "first" for Skeeter Boats. In 1961, we built the first bass boat from fiberglass, a huge leap forward in performance and durability. Then in 1975, Skeeter Boats introduced the "Wrangler", the first V-bottom bass boat ever built. As time passed, Skeeter Boats introduced a host of other innovations; the first full-length rod box, the first bass boat rated for 150 HP, and the first to introduce "space age" composite materials with the X-Treme and X-Cel composite construction. From then on, cutting-edge technology and attention to detail have been the key ingredients of securing value for long-term owner satisfaction.

    Skeeter Boats is a company that listens! We listen to the highest level of tournament fishermen! We listen to our dealers! More importantly, we listen to you, the customer, and take what we learn, putting it into every boat we deliver to you. The water remains our training and proving ground.

    It's evident that Skeeter Boats philosophy, "engineered like no other", permeates everything we do - from the way we build our boats, to the courtesy we extend each time you walk into a dealership. Beginning with the extensive efforts taken in the methods of manufacturing, all the way to the winner's circle, Skeeter Boats pursuit of perfection has become clearly evident as the best engineered bass boats on the water today.

    The Skeeter Boats Competitive Edge

    Great anglers are consistent. They are competitive. And, they are champions. The elite pro-team of Skeeter Boats are great anglers. There is no title or record our Skeeter Boat team has not claimed. In 2006, Skeeter Bass Boats won back to back events in the BASS Elite Series. We also claimed victory on the FLW Tour and Series, as well as the Red Fish Cup. We know what it takes to lead and win. Skeeter Boats work with the highest level of fisherman; we take what we learn at the world�s toughest tournaments, and put it into every boat we deliver to you. The water remains our proving ground.

    Our elite group of professional anglers is accessible to our Skeeter Boats family of owners through many national events. You will see our TEAM in action on the Bassmaster Tournament Trial, FLW Tour, FLW Series, BASS WBT, Professional Walleye Trail, Red Fish Tour, Red Fish Cup, and our annual Owner�s Tournament Series. TEAM Skeeter can also be seen at any of a thousand promotional appearances across the country.

    Skeeter Boats Aluminum Torque Transfer Transom & Stringer System

    Skeeter Boats revolutionary Aluminum Torque Transfer Transom and Stringer System bonds high-test aircraft structural aluminum to the EX-CEL transom and stringer in our ZX and TZX Series, and the ZX24Bay. This Skeeter Boats system eliminates virtually all stress on the transom, deck and hull sides of the boat. The vertical torque force of the engine is transformed into a lateral horizontal force distributed throughout the bottom of the boat, providing lift along the entire keel of your Skeeter Boat.

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