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  • Welcome to Southport Boat Works.

    Southport boats are the only offshore sport fishing boats designed specifically for dual, four-stroke outboard power by C. Raymond Hunt Associates. At Southport boats, we combine world-class, deep-vee hull design, experienced boat builders, and premium materials to provide an outstanding ownership experience.

    The Southport boats production process embraces the technological boat-building advances of the past decade.

    We designed Southport boats and Southport boat-building processes beginning with a clean sheet of paper. This enabled us to take advantage of all the best methods and materials. Instead of fitting our products and processes into a mature manufacturing system, we actually designed to take advantage of the technological advances available to the 21st century boat-builder.

    Southport boats uses computer-aided design that lets us build intricate laminated parts that look finished instead of added on.

    Old school boat builders are shackled with molds and materials used before computers reduced build tolerance levels to the hundredths of an inch. Consequently, most competitive boats are pieced together with plenty of inserted parts, screws and fasteners. A Southport boat, on the other hand, is a cleaner design because the laminate parts are more intricate and the tolerances more precise. The Southport boat production process embraces the technological boat-building advances of the past decade.

    Southport boats production begins with the gel coated surfaces.

    Southport boat gel coats are applied inside hydraulically-operated molds. Laminated parts are built from the outside in, so the gel coat is the first layer in the mold. Large parts like hulls are laminated in place then transferred by large overhead cranes to the next stage of the build process. This minimizes mold movement and consequent damage. The finish of the mold determines the finish of your Southport boat.

    Southport boat hulls, decks and liners are engineered offshore racing laminates for superior strength and profile without added weight.

    Val Jenkins racing heritage shines in the knit glass laminates used to build our hulls and decks. Knitted glasses like the ones used in Southport boats carry less resin weight than woven roving laminates used in competitive boats. Southport boat strakes are high-density foam cored for extra stiffness. Vinylester skins coats are followed by two layers of vinylester barrier coats before the knitted biaxial glasses are applied to protect against blisters and print.

    The strakes of a Southport boat are covered with high-density foam for longitudinal and compressive strength. Two layers of 45-degree bias knit glass are layered in the strakes. Then, the foam core is bedded in the strakes and sanded smooth with the hull surface before the interior hull laminate is applied.

    The Southport boats stringer systems are fiberglass and high density foam core laminated on a mold and bonded into the hull with methacrylate.

    Nowhere is the advantage of CAD design more visible than in a Southport boats stringer system. Engineered precisely for strength, the intricate stringers aren’t built of fiberglass-covered plywood or foam sheets as in other boats. They are laminated on a mold and contain all the wiring and plumbing chases, the fuel cell compartment and even the floors for consoles and storage compartments.

    Overhead crane lifts the Southport boat hull from the mold by the stringer system grid. The methacrylate bond of the stringer system to hull is so strong, that 3 hours after the stringers are fit; the hull is lifted from the mold using the stringer system. Overhead cranes take the hull to the next stage in the process, foaming the stringer system and hull.

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