NOTE - Replacement parts such as Gears and Shafts for all DL Winches are available on Special Order. Give number and approximate year of winch when ordering this type of part.

Selecting the Proper Winch Handle

Selecting the right winch handle for you

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Video Transcript When it comes to sailing, size does really matter at least in reference to winch handles.

In the winch at the moment is the Lewmar one-touch handle, although I do actually have another on board, the 8 inch lightweight floating handle.

But back on the one-touch, the benefit of this 10 inch size is it gets more power. It’s a better lever, much easier for you to use. That means it is acting as a bigger lever so you don’t need to be as strong.

With an 8 inch it is much faster, really good for racing and of course, this is the lightweight floating version as well.

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