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Spincast How-To's

Casting a Spincast Reel

Fishing 101 How to Cast a Spincast Reel (Video)

Here is a detailed video presented by Gene Ellison on how to properly cast a spincast reel.... read more

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Gene Ellison with Shakespeare Fishing, want to talk to you today about Spincast Reel. This is one of the easiest reels to use. It’s great to introduce young anglers to it. But anglers of all ages are using Spincast Reels.

The key to the Spincast Reel is the push button mechanism. When you push this in, you begin the disengagement process. What that means, when you let go of it during a cast, the line is then released and the lure can travel when you toss it forward. By simply turning the crank, you re-engage the lock. The line won’t go out anymore and you can retrieve it back in. So again, it looks more like this. You push the button in, you make your cast while you release it and then you turn the crank, it’ll lock that so you can retrieve your lure and hopefully bring a fish back in.

It looks like this when you want to make a long cast. Re-engage the reel, and retrieve it back.

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How to Respool Spincast Reels (Video)

A video presentation by Shakespeare Fishing US on How to Respool a Spincast Reel ... read more

Video Transcript

Today we are going to talk about the proper way to re-spool a spin cast reel.

Today we are going to be re-spooling the Shakespeare Synergy Steel 10 size real. And the first thing we want to do is make sure we are putting the correct pound test line on your reel. So what you want to do is flip it over and identify the line capacity right here on the reel. This particular reel calls for 75 yards of 10 pound test.

The next thing we want to do is remove the front cone of the reel by unscrewing it and take the remaining line off the reel. Okay – so now we’ve taken all the old line off our reel and are ready to attach the new line. So the first thing that you want to do is take that line and run it through the first guide of your rod. I’m going to demonstrate these next steps with this yellow line.

So what I’m going to do is run that through the front cone of the reel, set that down, and I’m going to start to tie the knot to attach the line to the reel. So the first step is to tie a simple over hand knot, like so. Go ahead and wrap that around the reel and then we are just going to tie another overhand knot. And the key here is to make sure that the first knot that we tied stays outside of your second knot. Make sure that’s around the spool there and tighten that up.

Go ahead and pull on your main line which is here – this knot is going to tighten down and your first knot will slide right underneath and snug up to the line.

So now we’ve attached the line to the reel. The next step, go ahead and screw back on the front cone. The important thing to remember here is that we have to keep the line tight when we are putting that front cone back on. So what I like to do is just hold it tight with my finger and thumb and then go ahead and re-screw that front cone back on.

Now we are ready to spool. So – continually apply pressure to the reel and start winding it right on. So we’ve wound the line on there – maybe 40 or 50 cranks. Then we are going to go ahead and unscrew the front cone again and check and see how much line is on the reel. A good rule of thumb is to look inside and make sure there is about a 1/8” of the inside of the reel still showing.

Okay – so now we’ve got our reel filled with line. Next you just want to run your line through the rest of your guides and tie on your favorite lure and you’re ready to go fishing.
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