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Spinning How-To's

Spinning Rod

Spinning Rod Actions (Video)

Here is a video with John Brownlee walking you through the terminology written on a spinning rod.... read more

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm John Brownlee and I want to talk to you today about spinning rods. Everybody knows what kind of rod they like but they often don't know what the terminology means that's written on the rods and it all has to do with the action of the rod.

For instance, this is a Penn Allegiance Inshore Rod. It's made for eight to 20 pound braided line. We've got eight-pound Nanofil on here. And it's an extra fast action. Now, you might wonder what that means.

Well, what it means is it's got a very soft tip. You can throw very light things a long way because it loads up and throws things like live shrimp. Or in this case, we have a BDS head on here. We're going to put a gulp tail on that. Light things can be thrown a long way with a fast action rod. This is extra fast action.

Now this rod, for instance, has a different action. This is a Penn Regiment Inshore Series Rod and it is a fast action rod. It doesn't have a softer tip. You can still throw things a long way with it but it's made to throw heavier things. Or in this case, we have on here a popping cork which will suspend a live shrimp beneath and it's made to chug across the surface.

It's got some backbone so it'll move heavy things or cast heavy things.

Now, if you get in to medium and medium heavy action rods, they're going to have very little flexibility in the tip. It casts for things like live baiting or lifting big grouper off the bottom where you need nothing but power and you probably not going to cast at all.

It just depends on the kind of fishing you do. But get use to the terminology and the nomenclature on the rods and they'll be better suited for the type of fishing you're able to use them for.

I'm John Brownlee. Thanks a lot.

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