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  • About Stamas Yachts
  • About Stamas Yachts

    Stamas Yachts is the oldest, continuously owned and operated boat company in the United States today. Located in the bayou-country of Florida's Gulf Coast for forty-nine years, the Stamas Yachts family has been handcrafting boats for the discriminating boater.

    Stamas Boats is recognized, among those who know the difference, as a company whose vision and drive is not only a corporate mission statement but a hallmark of the craftsmen who have been expressing their passion for over forty-nine years. Perhaps that's why Stamas Yachts has a higher rate of lifetime owners than any other manufacturer.

    When a 22-foot wooden Cruiser built by Peter and Nicholas Stamas, high school boys from Tarpon Springs, was awarded a First Prize at the Florida State Fair in the late �30s, the future of the Stamas brothers was decided. Beginning in earnest after World War II, they�ve been boat builders ever since.

    In their early years they built tough, rugged vessels and deep-sea charter fishing boats for the fleet that sails out of Tarpon Springs. In the late �50s, the Stamas brothers recognized the potential of fiberglass and concentrated on building pleasure boats with this new material.

    While the passage of time has brought new designs, new techniques and new materials, the currents of tradition run deep in this family owned business. Peter Stamas and his sons and nephews are still in Tarpon Springs building boats with the same devotion to detail and respect for the sea that has been the hallmark of every Stamas yacht.

    The company�s approach to boat building reflects both the past and the future. It is at the same time innovative and conservative; innovative in hull design and new construction methods, yet conservative in the painstaking and time-consuming approach to building each individual boat.

    Every Stamas yacht is designed to be, above all else, functional, comfortable and safe. It must be sea-kindly in virtually any water, ride soft and level, require minimal maintenance, and keep its value year after year. A Stamas yacht is built without compromise, guided by forty-nine years of experience and personal conviction. Each boat carries a seven-year hull warranty, but more important, every boat is backed up by a company with a long track record of superior products and satisfied owners. To Peter Stamas, his boats are simply built the way they must be in order to deliver a lifetime of service. And they do deliver from owner to owner.

    The Stamas Boats philosophy is evident in every boat in the line, whether Tarpon or Express. All are designed from the keel up for the rigors of offshore use. Yet these versatile boats are equally adept at meeting the needs of the occasional fisherman who cruises with his family or enjoys the change of pace of weekend gunk-holing or scuba diving.

    Construction Techniques

    Construction is the key to Stamas' longevity. At Stamas Boats, we pride ourselves in providing a product that has been engineered and built to standards that are unequaled by any other manufacturer. We are very proud of the fact that we have been over-building boats for forty-nine years.


    Stamas Yachts 7-Year Limited Hull Warranty-With over 49 years of experience, Stamas Yachts has never had a hull failure. This gives us the confidence to offer a 7-year Structural Warranty, and gives you the confidence of knowing you will never need it.

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