Installed in combination with a bow thruster the stern thruster improves boat maneuverability and greatly simplifies berthing, even with larger boats. QL stern thrusters are recommended for boats with inboard engines, with a conventional propeller shaft. They are installed at the stern, with the motor inside the hull and the propeller tunnel outside the transom. The tunnel has a flared inlet and outlet in order to improve flow.

Note! The tunnel is included in the kit.

Part no.Control unitVoltageThrustMotor outputTunnel diam. internalGear housingNo of propellersMax. boat length, ft
411008234110081212 V59 kg/579 N/130 lbs4 kW (5 hp)185 mmbronze139 ft/11.7 m
411008244110081324 V62 kg/579 N/137 lbs4 kW (5 hp)185 mmbronze139 ft/11.7 m