Boat rides in the night can become more enjoyable without compromising on safety with the Attwood 1nm Bi-Color Stowaway Angled Pole Lights. These lights provide one-mile, 225° red/green light visibility with bi-color lens to make your boat visible during the night. Plus, its anodized aluminum pole raises the light head to provide visible light for the areas above the trolling motor, anchor and other equipments on the bow.

These lights features die-cast ZAMAK construction for increased strength and wear resistance, while its Perma-Plate coating retains the shining finish for long. These lights do not cause any hindrance to fishing and anchoring as they can be removed from the base and stowed away when not needed.

  • One-mile, 225° red/green light visibility
  • 10"anodized aluminum pole
  • Lights can be removed and stowed when not needed

Features of Attwood 1nm Bi-Color Stowaway Angled Pole Lights

  • One 7.5-watt lamp
  • Die-cast ZAMAK construction with Perma-Plate® finish
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Available with base and without base
  • Used by OEM’s


Manf. Part # 6368-3:

  • Pole length: 10" angled

Manf. Part # 910851-7:

  • Pole length: 10" angled