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New 2013 Sunsation Performance Boats

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New 2014 Sunsation Performance Boats
New - 2013 - Sunsation Performance Boats

  • About Sunsation Performance Boats
  • Building performance Boats "worth owning" is the driving force behind every custom hand built powerboat Sunsation creates. Delivering ride, style, innovation, performance and value not easily found in the industry today.

    Our unsurpassed quality and attention to detail earn us what we can't buy; you - customers we're proud to have join our family. With a standout product line, race proven performance and new industry leading models in the works, we're aiming to always "exceed your expectation." So c'mon and explore the world-class flavor that is Sunsation boats.

    Boating, performance and the love of water was born in the veins of Wayne Schaldenbrand, President and CEO of Sunsation boats. His first boat consisted of plastic laundry bottles he fastened to the bottom of some planks at age 6, the rest has brought his love to a multi-million dollar operation spread across North America. Wayne's first building was a rented 21'x21' garage in which he first built fiberglass knee trick boards and then 16' mini offshore powerboats that he and his brother Joe proudly sold 12 of. Wayne has run the gauntlet when it comes to the working knowledge of fiberglass and the application of it in boats.

    Before Sunsation boats was born, Wayne helped to design, build and repair boats of every size, shape and category. The true push into developing his own product was through the purchase of several performance boats that promised much and delivered little. He was constantly strengthening, retooling and repairing what his hard earned money was supposed to have bought him from the start. Always in the back of his mind was the thought "I can build a better boat than this". The day came when he stumbled across a sunken boat at the bottom of a local lake that he hauled up to repair and found it would be less work to make changes to the bottom and a pull a mold off than to work it back into shape. Thus, Sunsation boats was born and the 16' Sunburn led the way.

    Building a performance boat "Worth Owning" has and always will be the driving force behind every custom hand built powerboat Sunsation boats delivers. While many less expensive avenues in producing boats are available, none of them will be found in Wayne's boats. The early years saw Sunsation boats carving out a very specialized niche in the market with first the 24' Rocket, a lower hull mold of an Excalibur boat that he modified and then built his own deck mold for. This was the boat, built like a tank and ran like lighting that started turning heads. From our first boat, the 25 Aggressor came followed by the 32 Dominator in 1992 and the 288 Intimidator in 1993, the Innovator in 2002 and now the all new and exciting F4

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