Survivor fenders provide a new level of protection for your boat. Lab-tested for durability and performance, these fenders feature an innovative reinforced design and heavy-duty construction so they absorb collision better and last longer than standard fenders. In addition, with our exclusive built-in Micro Pump, these fenders have the advantage of being able to be inflated anytime, anywhere, without removing the fender or having to use additional pumps, needles or adapters. The Micro Pump is not only convenient, but helps keep your boat free from damage by keeping fenders properly inflated. Concealed pump pops out any time you need to add air, and locks in place when not in use. Choose from Survivor Twin-Eye fenders with tough, reinforced eyelets on either end or Survivor CRT fenders, which are designed with a 3/4" diameter Center Rope-Tube for either horizontal or vertical deployment. The INFUSION and Micro Pump trademarks are owned by Spalding Sports Worldwide, Inc. and Lisco Sports, Inc., a Spalding affiliate and are license from Spalding.

With Infusion Pump (Recommended inflation is 2 psi.)

Guaranteed for the Life of Your Boat Against Splitting or Bursting!

White Blue Cranberry Hunter Green Navy Blue Black D x L Size Boat Size*
#850026 #851026 #853026 #854026 #857026 #860026 8" x 20" 25' to 35'
#850032 #851032 #853032 #854032 #857032 #860032 10" x 26" 35' to 50'
#850034 #851034 #853034 #854034 #857034 #860034 12" x 34" 50' to 60'
* The most accurate way to select the right fender for your boat is to survey your docking area to find out what fender is in use for the same size and weight of boat, in terms of fender dimensions and quantities, and use that as a guideline.