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Tackle Boxes & Bags How-To's

Organize Your Tackle

Tip of The Day - Organize Your Tackle (Video)

Here is a video describing the best way to organize a tackle box including hooks, bait, terminal tackle and more.... read more

Video Transcript

Hi guys, this is Gene Jensen from

The tip of the day is another one about tackle boxes. It is going to make your life a little bit easier on the water and it is all about labeling.

There are several different ways you can label. It is all up to you on how you do it. If you want to do it cheap, I found cloth medical tape works good with a Sharpie.

I have this new label maker that makes pretty labels. And it looks like though my wife has found a great place for it because I cannot find it. So I have to wait until she gets home to find it. But anyway, no big deal you guys know what it looks like - the ones that have a print out.

So the first thing I do is I label my boxes. Each box has one on the front and both sides, whether it is in my boat like this or in my tackle bag or whatever. When my boat sways or my tackle bag gets disorganized, I can find the right box where I would not have to dig too much and it saves me a little bit of time in the water.

And then, let us get into a little bit of details, especially on my hook box. What I do with my hook box is I also label the compartments. If you look at my compartments, they all have their labels. I got my 135 locks, I got my G-locks here which I need to get rid of because I do not really use them that much, they are just taking up some space.

I’ve got the sizes of all of my hooks, 4s and 6s; 4 reds and 4 regulars labeled. Then of course, the sizes of my offsets are labeled, too. I need to label them a little bit more but I have not had the chance yet, I haven’t done this in years. So that is what I do with my hook box.

And with my sinkers, what I am going to do this year is the same kind of thing. With my travel tackle box, my weights are going to be labeled by the end of this season. That is my project this year. That is, to label my compartments so I would know what weights in each compartment and it is a good way of staying organized. The more organized you are, the safer you are and the more time you have in baiting in the water.

So, take this tip, try it out and see if you like it. Like I was saying, visit for the answer to all your questions about bass fishing. Subscribe to my channel; click that little subscribe button and see and get your updates so when I put new videos out. And I hope you enjoyed this series about the tips that you can do. And have a great time underwater. Take care.

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Plano Guide Series tackle boxes and bags

Plano Guide Series Tackle Boxes & Bags Offer Supreme Versatility (Video)

Here is a video describing the features, benefits, and why Plano Guide Series Tackle Boxes and Bags are the desired tackle boxes of anglers.... read more

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tom Neustrom and I have been a professional fishing guide for over 30 years. And a member of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. All those 30 years, 20 years I have been with Plano because they make some of the finest products on the market today.

You know, when you are traveling, space is limited so you need to know what you are bringing is going to work. Traveling could be rough on your equipment so what you are bringing in has to be able to stand up to the punishment of travel.

Whether you prefer soft storage or hard storage, there is a Guide Series product ideal for you.

When it comes to hard boxes, Plano's Guide Series has no shortage of options, whether you like rack systems, drawer boxes, satchels, or tray boxes. With several different models available, it is easy to find a Guide Series Box that matches your style of fishing. No matter which Plano Tackle Box you choose, you could be confident it will last a life time.

Let us take a look at these boxes a little closer. Like the 7771, it’s got options galore. It has a large quick top access storage area. It is a great place to store that lucky lure and a few other must haves, just in case it turns out to be not so lucky. There is a separate smaller lid to access the hanging bait racks, without even opening the entire lid.

This includes 4 CDS style stowaways. CDS stowaway feature Vera slant angled providers to optimize your storage space, allowing for 20% more storage compared to a standard utility box. Included is a 3504 spinner bait worm utility box with its own storage area. There is a large bulk storage area and a comfortable handle to boost.

If access systems are not your style, they’ve got the 757 Drawer Box and the 1444 Satchel and they both work equally as well.

Let us start with the 757 Drawer Box. On a 757, there are 2 top access storage areas, great for holding internal tackle. It provides 4 large easy access drawers. A nice durable cover keeps the drawers in place. The 757 has more than ample bulk storage space.

The 1444 has four layers of storage. Let me show them to you. It has storage under the DuraView cover and has unique adjustable storage area between the base and the lid. There are three removable spinner bait racks in the base. The base is designed to hold up to five 5 3450 Stowaway Utility Boxes or can be used for bulk storage.

Plano did not just stop with hard boxes, they manufactured soft-sided boxes such as this, the 4672. It has all the storage you need, especially for a day trip or if you are going to fish in a buddy's boat for the day.

The 4672 is made with weather-resistant fabrics that can take the punishment of being used on my boat every day. It holds four 3700 Series sized Stowaway Utility Boxes, allowing you to quickly customize the bag for every fishing situation or technique. It has top access storage, large zipper side pockets, weather-resistant zippers, padded shoulder straps, and a front pocket that holds a 3600 Series Stowaway Utility Box. All these features are also available in a 3600 Series Bag.

Here is a couple of features of the 4672 that you really don’t see in a lot of other boxes. First is it has got a non-skid bottom which is great in the boat, does not move around a lot. And then you’ve got this zipper pocket in the bottom that expands the bottom section so I could put another 3700 Stowaway in the bottom. I mean, now you got a room for five boxes.

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and finding your tackle all busted up. Plano has provided me with rod and reel cases that when I get to my destination, all my tackle is in perfect condition.

Here is a 6508 that expands to 8-foot to handle even the longest rides. It has a locking system so you can adjust it to any length you want. If you do not need as much room, the 45102 will work just perfect for you.

We got a lot of money invested in our reels. The Plano 1404 Hard Case protects all the reels I have for any damage they might incur. I have got 5 in here but it holds 8 really comfortably. Here is another great box that Plano has provided. It is the 1819 XXL Storage Trunk. I could take it in the airlines or I could even ship it in UPS.

Look, I am on the water over a hundred days a year. I make a living in fishing. I know good product when I see it and Plano provides me with the very best so I can do my job the very best.

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