Taylor Made aerators and decorative aerators, commonly called fountains, are simple, mechanical devices. They offer an easy, cost effective solution to water quality problems in ponds and small lakes up to two acres. All models offer high oxygen transfer with low initial and operating costs. They are perfect for backyard ponds, golf course ponds, retention ponds, and ornamental ponds. Fountains offer the same benefits of aeration while providing an attractive display and are ideal for ponds in the public eye. Easy to install by one person. New oil-free design - no chance of oil leaks polluting the environment. Up to 50% more energy efficient than oil-filled brands. Molded, glass-filled nylon shroud guides water flow, protects fish. Stainless steel motor shaft and motor housing eliminates corrosion. Dual internal seals and double lip shaft seal keep water and dirt out for long life. High efficiency motor and performance propeller give the most flow for your energy dollar. Continuous duty 120v or 240v single phase motors can run nonstop for years without maintenance and are rugged enough for fish farming. Standard 50ft. or 100ft. field replaceable power cords get you to the middle of the pond without modification. Designed for harsh saltwater environment with renewable zinc anode for corrosion protection - thrives in salt or mineral-filled water.