Taylorbrite Reading Lights offer elegant styling and very low heat output, making them perfect for cabins or living areas where style and functionality are essential.

NOTE: All reading lights have diffused lenses and come with a switch.

Taylorbrite Reading Light Specifications

  • Euro Dimensions: 2.5" outer diameter/5" high
  • Futura Dimensions: 2.5" outer diameter/6" high
  • Euro Weight: 13 oz
  • Futura Weight: 15.2 oz
  • Power Consumption: 6.6 Watts
  • Input Voltage/Current Draw: .550A@12 VDC .275A@24VDC
  • Color Temperature: 3000k
  • Lifetime: 25,000 hours
  • Bezel Options: Gold, White, Chrome, Brass
  • Lens: Diffused