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Tempress Captain's Series Helm Seats
    The Tempress Captains Series Helm Seat is a comfortable, durable and stylish addition to your boat. It features a contoured StylePanel system with …
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      Sturdy and stylish, Tempress Saltwater Series Seats are an ideal choice of seating for your recreation boat. These seats feature bullet-proof design …
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      Boating Know How
      tempress quick disconnect kit
      Tempress Quick Disconnect Kit (Video)
      Installation guide for the Tempress Quick Disconnect Kit. ... read more

      Video Transcript

      The Quick Disconnect Kit includes the following: Base mount, Adapter, Release Flap and Hardware Packet.

      Step 1: Install release flap. Align the release flap with the two pre-molded holes on the rear of the seat as shown. Locate the two smallest screws and two washers provided. Drill them into place as shown.

      Step 2: Install adapter. Ensure the adapter lays over the release tab as shown. Align the two guide feet located under the adapter into holes. Use all ten stainless steel screws provided to secure the adapter onto the seat bottom.

      The Quick Disconnect Kit is specially designed to work only with our All-Weather and Profile Guide Series seats. The Quick Disconnect allows your seat to swivel and easily be removed from the mounting disk for storage or transportation. The low profile mount will install on any flat surface with four screws (not provided). It is great for bench seats or engine boxes.

      To release the mounting disk compress the Locking Flap and slide the seat off the mounting disk. Slide the mounting disk on by aligning it with the opening of the adapter and firmly sliding it pass the release flap into position. The mounting disk must completely pass the release flap in order for the release flap to engage in locking it into place for safe use. Simply compress the release flap again to slide the seat off the mounting disk.
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      Tempress all weather low back cushion
      How to install a Tempress All Weather Low Back Cushion.
      Installation steps on how to install a Tempress All Weather Low Back Cushion. ... read more

      Installation Steps

      Step 1: Drill two of the four screw snaps provided into the front seat shell area as shown. Two small round guide circles can be found on the front edge of the seat shell.

      Step 2: Turn the seat over and drill the remaining two screw snaps into the rear area of the seat shell bottom as shown.

      Step 3: Flip the seat over again into its upright position and slip the back seat cushion on over the seat shells back. Snap the cushion together.

      Step 4: Set the bottom cushion on top of the seat pan. align and snap the front snaps together as shown.

      Step 5: Turn the seat upside down and align the last set of cushion snaps and securely snap together.

      The Tempress All-Weather Low Back cushions feature welded seams to ensure years of worry free use on the water. It's also compatible with our patented Quick Disconnect mounting kit.
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