About NT+ C-Maps
NT+ is the "next generation" of C-MAP electronic charts, featuring much wider coverage areas at substantially lower prices. NT+ electronic charts are derived from official paper charts, and offer:

  • Global electronic chart coverage
  • Rich detail and information
  • Port & Tide™ Info
  • Continuous and seamless chart data
  • Easy on-screen query of all chart objects displayed
  • Detailed display of NavAids
  • North-up and course-up orientation
  • A large choice of charting systems, as the majority of the world's leading manufacturers use C-MAP technology!

Vastly Expanded Coverage:
Important advances in technology now permit C-MAP to offer significantly increased coverage areas without sacrificing compatibility or performance with current C-card based navigating systems. This has, in turn, resulted in much more coverage at a much lower cost!

Extra Information Not Found On Official Government Charts:

  • True Color NavAids - Extensive NavAid information, allowing for on-screen display in true shapes and colors.
  • Port Info™ - Complete and detailed databases of port facilities, services and contact information.
  • Tide Info™- NT+ C-cards include primary and secondary tidal stations that can be queried for easy access while navigating. Easy-to-read graphs display depth at high and low water for sun-up and sun-down. Tidal predictions make travel planning easier and safer.

Improved Chart Display:

  • Paper Chart Appearance - All the advantages of electronic charts with the familiar look of a paper chart. C-MAP's experience with professional navigation and highly effective chart display has resulted in a new chart look for NT+. This new look makes creative use of colors, patterns and icons to increase the familiarity and usability of the content-rich NT+ database.
  • New NavAid Symbols and Styles - Depending upon navigation situations and mariner's preference, Aids to Navigation can now be configured for three basic styles:
    • INTERNATIONAL - NavAids shown in real life shapes and colors for quick visual recognition (as per official paper chart presentations).
    • UNITED STATES - NavAids shown in simplified shapes and real colors (as generally found on NOAA paper charts).
    • SIMPLIFIED - NavAids shown in generic symbols for minimum visual clutter on-screen.

Pre-Set Chart Display Options:

  • FULL - Displays all the selections, such as Attention Areas, Lat/Lon Grid, Cultural features, Seabed Type, Tides & Currents.
  • SIMPLE - Some selections are turned off, such as Light Sectors, Seabed Type, Tracks & Routes, Lat/Lon Grid.
  • FISHING - Turns off even more selections, like Tides & Currents, Ports & Services, Rivers & Lakes, Chart Boundaries. CUSTOM - The navigator selects which features he'd like on the screen.

Compatible Manufacturers Check with C-Map for complete list of compatible Chart Plotter models

  • Furuno