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Trolling motors
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Minn Kota, MotorGuide and Torqeedo Trolling Motors

Trolling Motors 101

A trolling motor is a low horsepower engine that people use on their boats when they need to go slow and don't want to use their more powerful engines. ... read more However, trolling motors can become a primary source of power in a small boat.

There are Two Types of Trolling Motors:

  • 1. Gas (from 2 hp. to 250 hp.)
  • 2. Electric
  • Electric Trolling Motors Manufacturers:

  • Minn Kota
  • MotorGuide
  • Torqeedo
  • And many, many more!

  • Most trolling motor props are 2.blade, without specified pitch, plastic and are always under 5 horsepower. There are select MotorGuide props that are 3-blade.

    Should I go with a bow or transom mount motor?

    Bow mount motors offer very precise control. In the wind or on a river a bow mount motor will help you the most. The drawback of a bow mount motor is that most of them are more or less permanently mounted on you bow.

    Transom mount motors are more versatile and can be moved easily from boat to boat. On a small craft like a canoe or rowboat they can be used as the primary source of power.

    How much thrust do I need?

    In general you want to have as much thrust as possible for the times when you run into wind and current. The rule of thumb in choosing thrust is to take the total weight of the loaded boat and divide it by 70. for example, if your boat with people and gear weighs a total of 3500 lbs. you will then divide that by 70. that means that ideally you should have a motor with at least 50 lbs. of thrust.

    What type of steering should I choose?

    First of all there are several types of steering to choose from. there is hand control, foot control, remote control, and even voice activated. Yes, that's right - voice activated, believe it or not.

    What it comes down to is your preferences and style of fishing. some like the foot control because it allows for hands free control while fishing. While pulling in a big fish you can maneuver your craft if necessary. If you are a no-frills type of person then hand control might be right for you. If you aren't a talker then I don't recommend a voice activated model. Fancy features aren't for everyone.

    What length of shaft do I need?

    First, that depends on whether you want a transom mounted motor or a bow mounted motor. If you go with a transom mounted motor then then you need to know the distance from the transom to the waterline when your boat is loaded.You then want to take that distance and add at least 20 inches to it. If there isn't a shaft in that size then round it upward. Let's say the distance is from the transom to the waterline is 10 inches. You then add 20 inches to that and the length of the shaft you want is 30 inches.

    If you want a bow mounted motor then you take the length from the top of the bow (where the motor would be mounted) to the waterline when the boat is loaded. You then add 20 inches to that number and then round-up to the next longest shaft if you have to. So, if the distance from the bow to the waterline is 15 inches but find that there is no motor for the brand you want with a 35 inch shaft. Therefore, all you have to do is round up to the 36 inch shaft.
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    Tips When Buying A Trolling Motor

    Now that the boating and fishing season is ramping back up, it's time for you to buy a new trolling motor so you don't miss any time on the water next year. If you're new to the trolling world, or an experienced veteran there are still a few things you have to keep in mind while looking for a new electric trolling motor. ... read more

    Trolling Motor

    First, what type of motor control do you prefer?
    • Cable Steer, or Foot Control (Minn Kota FortrexMaxxum, Edge) – This type of steering is popular for bass fishing and tournament walleye fishing where quick boat maneuvering and pitching and flipping are key techniques.
    Advantages Disadvantages
    Quick Response Clutters the deck with the pedal
    Less expensive You have to be where your pedal is to steer
    • Electric Steer (Minn Kota Terrova or PowerDrive) – This type of steering is popular for walleye, crappie, and striper fishing applications. Electric motor controls allows for i-Pilot integration (wireless GPS navigation) which offers boat control features such as Spot Lock (electric anchor), Cruise Control, and Record-A-Track (allows recording and playback of productive runs) to name a few.
    Advantages Disadvantages
    Does not clutter your deck Slower response
    i-Pilot capable (select models) Cost
    Able to control from anywhere on the boat

    Next, how much voltage do you need?

    • 12 volt- requires one dedicated deep cycle marine battery and provides up to 55LBs of motor thrust
    • 24 volt – requires two dedicated deep cycle marine batteries and provides up to 70LBs of motor thrust
    • 36 volt – requires three dedicated deep cycle marine batteries and provides up to 101LBs of motor thrust

    It is recommend that you get the highest motor thrust that works for your voltage requirement. Beyond better boat control, higher voltage motors also offer greater motor run time between battery charges. Click to view all of Minn Kota's Electric Trolling Motors.

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