• 100% 316 stainless steel deck unit

  • Fall Safe anchor lock

  • Fast line speed

  • Manual recovery option

  • Impact-resistant motor cover

  • With reed switch and magnet fitted as standard for chain counter applications

  • Fits calibrated chains: 6mm DIN766, 1/4" G4 or BBB, 7mm DIN766

  • Kit includes: windlass, base gasket seal, mounting studs, contactor and circuit breaker

  • 5 year warranty

V700 Lewmar Winch

V700 English VO

This video will walk your through taking apart a Lewmar V700 to replace gears and shafts. ... read more

Video Transcript

The first thing to do is to take off the top cap of the gypsy and remove the metal spacer on the shaft. Then, using an Allen key, remove the chain part cover. After removing the chain part cover, you need to remove the stripper ring.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to lift the gypsy of the shaft, while smoothing the feed around, pushing it out and then take that off. Then, turn the unit upside down and remove the three bolts holding the motor into the three bolts.

Once these three bolts are out, the motor should just lift off the decking up. Now, we need to remove the three coats, the first one will come out easily. The second coat needs to be rotated until the flat spot in the washer allows you to lift the teeth past the main gear.

Now, we need to remove the circlet of the main shaft and just lift it up. And the main gear will just slide up off the shaft and remove the three key pins that are located in it. After this, you just need to remove the spacer wash from the bottom of the shaft. Now, turn the unit over, pull the feet around away and the shaft should just push through the bearing. It might need a slight tap if it’s a bit sticky or stiff.

Now that it is completely disassembled, we need to do the same process but in reverse. So, new shaft back in. The metal spacer goes back on the top of this shaft, followed by the three key pins.

Next, we need to locate the coat over the top making sure the recess is facing upwards towards you. And then, your circlet goes back down over the shaft and make sure it’s located in its screw.

Next is reinserting the coat and again, you need to find the flat spot on the bearing for it to locate. Then, insert the third gear. Once you’ve done this, give all the gears all turn and should see all three moving.

Now it’s dropping the motor back on top. You do have to get this little bit of a wiggle and shake for it to line up but it will locate. Put three bolts back in and do that with an Allen key.

Now flip the motor back over and it’s reassembling the top half of the deck unit. We move it out of the way and slip the new gypsy back on and bolt the stripper back in and the chain part cover back on. Now we’ll put the new cone back on the top of the shaft followed by the plastic washer and then your top cap. There you go.

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