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Top Wakeskating Tips (Video)

Byerly Boards team rider George Daniels demonstrates the steps of how to get up on a wakeskate. Use his tips to perfect your wakeskating technique. Presented by Boating Magazine. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hey what’s up, my name is George Daniels. I’m a Barley Boards team rider and a professional wakeskater. Today I’m going to be teaching you the steps of how to get up on a wakeskate. First thing you want to do is you want to be in the water laying down nice and relaxed. You want to have the board sitting on top of the water and then you want to have your heels on top of the board. So you’re basically going to have your heels right here. You’re going to signal the driver to put it in idle. And from there the board should compress to your feet. The boat will start going and you will get out just like a traditional wakeboard style. You will bring the rope to your hips, bend your knees and you should be smooth sailing from there.

Video courtesy of Boating Magazine. See them at boatingmag.com.
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