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New 2013 Weeres Pontoon Boats

New - 2013 - Weeres Pontoon Boats
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  • About Weeres Pontoon Boats
  • Weeres Pontoons was formed in 1952 from a farmer's simple idea. In the rural town of Richmond, Minn., Ambrose Weeres had theorized that if you put a wooden platform on top of two columns of steel barrels, welded together end to end, you would have a sturdy deck that would be more stable on a lake than a conventional boat. With this first prototype, the pontoon boat was born.

    Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, Weeres thought his idea might have some marketing potential. He started out building a small number boats, calling them �The Empress," and selling them locally with the help of a few dealers. Little did he realize just how popular these boats would become.

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