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New 2013 Wellcraft Boats

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New - 2013 - Wellcraft Boats

  • About Wellcraft Boats
  • Why Wellcraft Boats

    Thank you for considering Wellcraft Boats, a well-considered and well-crafted American boating icon. Our 2010 line-up offers 16 exciting invitations, within five distinctly different series, for you, your family and friends to go catch yourself some fun. Our manufacturing facility in Sarasota, Florida and Wellcraft Boats dealers up and down the coastline, have been extending this invitation for more than 50 years with over 100,000 handcrafted boats made and delivered.

    Today, more than ever, Wellcraft Boats are considered with diligence, designed with passion and produced with the premium quality, superior performance and dependable reliability that has become consistent with our name and your unsurpassed boating experience.

    Reconnect with the legendary performance of our Scarab hulls. Discover the cruising comfort of our flagship 360 Coastal. Or explore the backwater accessibility of our new Bay Boat Series.

    A little simplicity goes a long, long way.

    Consider the sexy, clean and contemporary lines of a Wellcraft boat. There's no room for overly sophisticated wrapping. The value is on quality basics ahead of unnecessary fluff. We refine towards simplicity of form and reliability of function. From impeccably considered cockpits and consoles through to the durable integrated hull and stringer system, theres a reassuring solidness underfoot and exceptional functionality close at hand.

    Wellcraft Boats Depth of Design

    Its been building for the past 50 years and continues today. Everyday we pursue seemingly impossible challenges. How do we get more into a space, while at the same time creating more space? How do we add more functionality without compromising on superior form? How do we improve fishability without sacrificing creature comforts? These are questions we answer with every new model year, every refinement and every opportunity to innovate towards your unsurpassed experience out of the water.

    Heart & Soul

    For more than 50 years Wellcraft Boats has been delivering an unsurpassed boating experience to fishing families with a simple invitation to "Catch yourself some fun!" Ut;s through coinsistency in quality, depth of design and thoughtful innovation that our name continues to represent dependable reliability, versatility and fishability.

    In 2010 the Wellcraft Boats model line-up builds upon its long-standing reputation. Check out our new SCARAB Series models which are already creating a stir amongst the competition at lucrative Wal-Mart FLW Tournament events. Review all the functional considered details of the our Satile Coastal and Fisherman Series.

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