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It seems these days everyone is looking to save a buck and still have a quality outdoor experience. Anglers today know and understand that their gear and equipment needs to be in tip top shape to have an enjoyable day on the water. While many anglers, including myself, would love to have a new boat to chase the big ones, our budget tells us not yet, not now. But, as with the folks that own Pontoon boats have discovered, re-furbishing your fishing boat with a new interior is an economical and satisfying way to get that new boat look and feel. Pontoon boaters have been replacing their seating for years. For you avid Bass and Walleye anglers, economic seating help is on the way.

The Wise Company, a leader in the marine seating industry, has been making many of the original equipment seats for a wide variety of boats for years. Replacement seating for Bass, Walleye, and general fishing boats was introduced by Wise and is catching on. In the past anglers could buy all sorts of boat seats but rarely did all the seats match in style and color. Well things have changed in the world of boat seats with the introduction seating that will match those seats that have been stepped on once too often or sat out in the sun a bit too long.

Wise has taken a concept from other industries and brought a simple, smart idea to boat seating. They took some of the most popular and needed boat seating styles and developed a mix and match seating series to fit in just about every style of freshwater fishing boat, new and old, small and large, fiberglass or aluminum. Their Blast off series consist of 3 different bucket seats, 3 different buddy type center seats, 4 different folding seats, 3 different Pro seats, and 3 sizes of folding bench seats. All with the same color options and seat styling making every seat look like original equipment seating. These seats are constructed with high quality marine grade vinyl, the same vinyl used on countless new boats made today and over the last 10-15 years.

The seats are sewn with a double top-stitch method again just like you see on new boats and cars. The seat frames are all marine grade and use all virgin foam with high compression properties. All hardware is stainless steel or aluminum. In other words they took the same components and construction methods used in your original new boat seats for the new, replacement seats at very reasonable prices.

Key to putting the right seats in your boat is the ability to match up the right size seats with the driver/passenger space available. Some boats are narrow and some are wider but with this new seating system you can have the seats that fit best in your boat simply by choosing the bucket seat or folding seat to match up with the to the 3 different sizes ( 14'-17'-22') of Buddy center seats to fill out your driver/passenger platform. Speaking of the center seats, to my knowledge these center seats been hard to find. Anglers have been looking for these kinds of seats for too long now. It would be handy to have cup holders and a step pad seat option to say the least. Good news, matching replacement 3 across seating is available too. For aluminum boaters many anglers prefer to go with the folding bench seats in 42', 48' or 58' lengths to get the 3 across seating effect. Then to round out your new boat look, you have 4 different folding fishing seats that can be mounted on any standard 4 bolt pedestal system for front and rear casting decks or for open floor Walleye rigs. You Walleye anglers will appreciate the Centric 1 or Centric 2 frame seats for those bone jarring runs over windswept lakes. Plus the icing on the cake; 3 stout casting deck seats, standard, oversize and a Pro-Leaning style.

The Blast-Off Tour series has 8 color options consisting of 3 colors in the seat pattern. These popular colors will coordinate with just about every boat out on the water today. These seats look like they were designed for today's high performance fishing machines.

I don't know about you but, my boat didn't come cheap and as my seats and carpet get worn and faded, I still want my rig to look sharp on the water and at the ramp but more important is the improved level of comfort from having new instead of the road hard and put away wet option. Replacing the old seats isn't a tough job. Now's the time to think about replacing your older seats, before the season starts. Fix now so you can enjoy the season in comfort and style.

Article and photos courtesy of The Wise Company. Founded in 1961, The Wise Company is the largest manufacturer of pleasure boat seating and interiors in the country.