Paste Wood Filler Stain - Pettit Paint

Product Information
Product Type Paste Wood Filler Stain
Key Attributes •Fills the grain of the wood
•Stains the wood to enhance natural beauty
•Reduces the amount of varnish coats required
Coverage 25 sq.ft/pint
Technical Data
Technology & Formulation Stain
Substrates Wood (For more specific instructions per substrate, please refer to the product data sheet provided below.)
Thinner Brushing Thinner 120
Mixing of Product Thin 25-50% with 120 Brushing Thinner
Method Apply to wood by brushing into the wood grain.
Application Temperature 50°F - 90°F
Recoating Information Overnight dry required
Repaint Information If existing paint is well adhered: Clean and Sand. Old paint that is not firmly adhered to the substrate will have to be removed.

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Paste Wood Filler Stain Product Data Sheet PDF
MSDS for Paste Wood Filler Stain*
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