Zodiac Classic Inflatable Sport Boats

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Zodiac Classic Mark 1 HD Inflatable Boats
Starting at: $3,399.00
List Price:$3885.00
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Zodiac Classic Mark 2c HD Inflatable Boats
Starting at: $3,999.00
List Price:$4570.00
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Zodiac Classic Mark 2 HD Inflatable Boats
Starting at: $4,299.00
List Price:$5040.00
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3 results

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Zodiac Classic Mark 1, 2, 2c HD

Why Choose the Zodiac Classic

True to its name, the Zodiac Classic is a popular, timeless style, incorporating well-known and authentic designs that are proven to be one of the ... read more safer inflatable vessels in the boating world. Ranging in size and load capacity, each Zodiac Classic appeals to every kind of boater. Built for higher ratings of performance, longevity, and safety, the Classic has heightened levels of buoyancy, as well as added cockpit/floor space, allowing room for more passengers and storage room. Furthermore, this boat is designed to plane faster and maintain higher speeds with decent-sized outboard engines.

Equipment Features

The Classic is easy to handle in all circumstances, and can be conveniently stored away in a carrying bag when it is not in use. On top of this, these models have built-in advantages and accessories, which may include the following:

  • Carrying bags
  • Rod holders
  • Safety grab rope (sewn in on the sides)
  • Two-floor options – A) Inflatable; B) Aluminum floorboards (includes adjustable tie-down straps)
  • O/B engines ranging 6-40 horsepower
  • Short Shaft
  • 2 paddles/oars
  • 4 carrying handles
  • Owner's manual
  • Self-bailers
  • Foot pump
  • Repair kit
  • Pressure gauges
  • Welded PVC fabric/construction
  • Five-year fabric warranty

Great for Any Activities

One of the better characteristics of the Zodiac Classic is that one can practically do anything them. From fishing to cruising, this inflatable boat will be the center of many summer memories created amongst family and friends, all the while long making them feel safe and reliant on its sturdy structure. Boaters of all ages will appreciate and enjoy the quality and performance of a the Zodiac Classic, and can expect it to last for a good number of years.

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