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Zodiac Zoom Details that Count

THIS IS 1100 Decitex Material - Extremely airtight. Highly resistant to tear and abrasion (resists hooks...). Easy to repair with the repair kit provided. ... read more

Valve - The double seal valve system allows quick inflation and deflation of the buoyancy tubes.

Engine Support Plate - Efficiently protects the transom against the inevitable "bites" of the motor clamps.

Reinforced Cone Ends - Efficiently protect the the cones against shocks and wear.

Self Bailer - Automatically and quickly evacuates water from the boat, even at low speed.

Transom - Welded to the buoyancy tube (an exclusive Zodiac technique) for unbeatable strength. It ensures that motorpower is correctly transmitted.

Reclining Oar Support - You'll have more sitting space once the oar supports are folded and hold the oars sideways.

Internal Bulkhead - Totally seals one compartment from the other.

D Rings - Indispensable for towing. Support forces up to several times the boat's total weight.

Rubbing Strake - Protects the boat against bumps and knocks. Welded to the boat, assuring a perfect fit.

Bow Handle - Specially designed for effortless carrying.
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Zodiac Zoom Boat Assembly (Video)
A video demonstration on how to easily assembly your Zodiac Zoom Inflatable boat presented by Joel Theriault ... read more

Video Transcript

Our Zodiac is in the back of the van. We’re going to go in and load this Zodiac in. We have a bout a 200 meter walk. One great thing about these Zodiacs is that you can really move them in any type of vehicle. You pretty much need a full-size truck to move any type of boat, but with a Zodiac you can go in a van, an SUV or a car down a logging road to get to your fishing spot.

The boat is down and we’re going to set it up. Make sure you put the blue side up when you are setting these guys up. And make sure that you have your raft not inflated. It makes it a lot easier when it is not inflated when you’re putting the boards in. Do half from the front first, then half from the back. Then put your middle joint in. That’s the easiest way to do it.

So total set up time was about 10 minutes. Not too tough at all. And we are ready to go out fishing for half an hour and get our limit.
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About Zodiac Zoom

Zodiac introduces the ZOOM range with its 10 models that undoubtedly offer the best value for money in their class. Designed and built in with perfection, the ZOOM range benefits from the unique know-how of the world's leading manufacturer of inflatable boats. This gives you assurance for long years of safe and hassle free boating.

Consider the following when making your decision to purchase an inflatable boat:

Constant Quality - Fabrics are constantly monitored. Thanks to an accurate tracking program all boats are checked during manufacture. Whatever its number in the production line, you ZOOM has the best standard of quality.

Ruthless Tests - The air tightness of the materials, their remarkable resistance against cuts and a full range of tests constantly checks climatic aggressions and the tear resistance of the welds. Destructive tests occur during the various steps of production that surpass the high level of resistance requested by the standards of the ZOOM range.

Quality Assurance - ZOOM inflatable boats conform to ISO 6185 and to all the certification and approval requirements of AFNOR.

Warranty Fabric - Like any Zodiac boat, your ZOOM is covered by a 2 year manfacturer's warranty on the fabric; check full terms and conditions of the warranty with us.

Zodaic 310s w/8hp honda powered package

Zodaic 260 Areo w/2hp honda powered package