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Boat Wire Color Coding

Electrical > Boat Wire Color Coding


DC Positive Conductor Positive Mains

Black or Yellow

DC Negative Conductor Return, Negative Mains

Green or Green w/ Yellow Stripe

DC Grounding Conductor Bonding System
Bonding Wires (if insulated)


Generator Armature Generator Armature to Regulator
Alternator Charge Light Generator Terminal/Alternator Auxiliary Terminal to Light to Regulator
Pumps Fuse or Switch to Lights


Navigation Lights Bonding Wires (if insulated)
Tachometer Tachometer Sender to Gauge


Accessory Feed Ammeter to Alternator or Generator Output and Accessory Fuses or Switches
Common Feed Distribution Panel to Accessory Switch


Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge Sender to Gauge


Ignition Ignition Switch to Coil & Electrical Instruments
Instrument Feed Distribution Panel Electrical Instruments

Brown w/ Yellow Stripe

Bilge Blowers Positive Mains (particularly unfused)

Yellow w/ Red Stripe

Starting Circuit Starting Switch to Solenoid


Water Temperature Water Temperature Sender to Gauge

Green/Stripe (G/x)(except G/Y)

Tilt Down and/or Trim In Tilt and/or Trim Circuits

Blue/Stripe (Bl/x)

Tilt Up and/or Trim Out Tilt and/or Trim Circuits

Thanks to Ancor by Marinco for providing the chart. Photo by Shandchem.

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