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Pontoon Layout Measurements

Measure for Pontoon Seating
Replacing old pontoon furniture is a great way to make your pontoon boat look brand new & modern. To order the correct pontoon seats, it is important to measure your available pontoon space properly. Once you determine your seating layout dimensions you can easily select the right sized seats.

Follow the checklist below to determine your dimensions. Fill in the boxes with your pontoon's measurements and print as a quick reference when selecting your new seats.

Measurement Checklist

  • Measure distance between Port and Starboard rails.
    Add 1" extra spacing for vinyl and foam. Most boats are 89" to 93".

  • Measure distance between rear rail and side gate.

  • Measure distance between front rail and side gate.

  • 'D' - Check corners

  • NOTE: Measure inside of rails and account for rail support braces.

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