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Before you head out on the water this year, it would be wise to go overthe needed items to have onboard your boat throughout the season.Safety is always the main concern for Coast Guard officials.  Withan increasing number of boaters on the water, the Coast Gaurd isincreasing their random safety checks on boaters throughout the country.
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In order to meet the Coast Guard requirements and ensure safe boating trips, we have compiled the necessary boating safety checklist for you, our loyal readers, with the recommended items to have onboard. This checklist comes from a variety of sources, including the US Coast Guard.

It is important to make sure that you review and inspect each of your required safety items at the beginning of every boating season. There is nothing worse than having an emergency while boating and not having proper equipment in working order.

Below is a safety checklist of  items you should have onboard:

first aid kit

visible distress

1. First Aid kits We all know that accidents happen on the water just as much (sometimes more) than off the water. Have an up-to-date first aid kit is essential, with clean bandages, band-aids, sanitation products and tape.

2. Visible Distress Signal Devices- Taken from the Coast Guard safety site, here are some examples for (but not limited to) proper visible distress signals you should have on board.

You have many different options, such as flare guns and smoke makers. A great product to have onboard that will last a long time is a MOB distress light. These lights shine extra bright, last 36 hrs at a time, and emit a strobe that is visible in and out of the water over 3 miles away.

Stated simply, any ski or fishing boat over 16’ (most recreational boats) needs to have a visible distress signal on board. (see the Coast Guard recommended chart below)

life vests3. Proper Life Vests (PFDs) According the Coast Guard and most state boating regulations, any boat on the water needs to have enough life vests on board for every passenger.

Many skiers have a specific life vest they prefer for water sports, but they also keep more economical vests stored inside in case of an emergency in order to comply with regulations. Regulations on the life vests, according to USCG and state regulations, are as follows:

“You must have… Personal Flotation Devices in good, serviceable condition for all persons on board. They must be Type I, II, III and/or IV, and for boats over 16’ one type IV (throwable). Type IV must be immediately available for use.”

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So what types of life vests are these Take a look at the wide selection of iboats.com life jackets and choose from the many types of vests we offer. All of the vests available are type I, II or III and meet safety regualtions.
We also carry type IV PFDs in the form of  boat cushions and ring buoys for convenient storage and use in order to meet  requirements.

 4. Spotlights and Sound makers- Although spotlights are not required, having one onboard can be very useful. Spotlights can come in handy with night navigation as well as distress indicators.

Sound makers are required by certain state boating regulations, so you should stock one just in case. The sound makers should be something that produces a highly audible noise from a long distance. Air horns are often a product of choice. Another great product is the Safety Blaster Horn, which only requires a small blow from your mouth and it will  produce 120 dbs of sound (and it floats!).

fuel arrester5. Attention Inboard motor boaters! All Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta and other inboard motor boaters need to pay special attention to a very important part on the engine (on top of the carburetor to be more specific.)

One of the most important safety features of the engine component is the Flame Arrester. The large cylinder on top of the carburetor is the arrester and it prevents gas fumes from igniting. Many unfortunate cases have risen in relation to this very problem, so make sure your flame arrester is in good shape. If not, replace it immediately. It could save you a lot of money in the future, not to mention the possible lives of fellow passengers.

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Other important items not listed above would include flare guns and fire extinguishers, boat hooks, compasses and flags. As always, you can go to iboats.com for all of your boating needs.

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