5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Boat Cover

support poles for your boat cover

  1. Use Support Poles or a Cover Support System.  The number one thing you can do to prolong the life of your boat cover!  Without proper support, a boat cover will sag and allow water and debris to pool. This can distort the fit and cause dry rot and mildew to set in. Support poles and cover support systems are designed to prevent water from pooling.
  2. Properly tie-down the cover.  Boat cover tie-downs secure the cover to the trailer, helping to keep the cover in place for trailering and storage.  A properly tied-down cover will be less likely to flap in the wind, shrink, or slide and will help prevent moisture and debris from getting in.
  3. Add extra reinforcements.  Before putting on your boat cover, add extra fabric reinforcements around sharp corners and edges from windshields, bimini top hardware, trolling motors, depth finders, etc. This will prevent your cover from catching and possibly ripping from contact.
  4. Clean your boat cover regularly.  Avoid letting water, snow or debris like leaves and sticks to stand on boat covers.  We also recommend cleaning your boat cover at least once a year with a solution of warm water and mild soap, and a soft brush.  Make sure your boat cover is thoroughly dry before folding or storing.
  5. Treat the boat cover.  Over several years of use and cleaning, a cover may need to be retreated.  Fabric treatments restore fabric repellency, and protect a cover against dirt, stains and mildew.  Many products also help prevent UV sun damage.
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