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10 Questions with achris

  1. What is your name? achris
  2. Where are you from? Perth, Western Australia
  3. How long have you been boating? Since I was a kid, about 50 years.
  4. Have you worked any boating related jobs (if yes, tell us more)? Mechanic in the late 80s, Owned a boat shop in the 90s.
  5. How many boats have you owned? 3
  6. Who manufactured those boats? Bertram, Bertram, Quintrex
  7. What boat do you currently own? Bertram Bahia Mar 20 (see my signature)
  8. Do you prefer a particular motor manufacture? I think they’re all in it just for the money, but I prefer to work on the black ones (Mercs)
  9. What is your favorite boating activity? Fishing and diving
  10. Where is your favorite boating destination? Anywhere wet.
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  1. Dave Rodriguez says:

    Same problem two Cracked timing covers 4.3 , in 2 years, trying to to find out what was done to resolve the issue, is there an updated oil pan, or an updated timing cover. Or is it possible to work on existing pan.

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