Attwood Gas Springs For Boat Hatches

Boat Hatch Gas Springs

Are your gas springs going out on your boat hatches? Are you tired of your boat hatches falling down? You need to get the industry leading Attwood gas springs hardware for your hatches. Attwood gas springs come in three different styles: Ni-SlideĀ (the SL series), Boost Series (the SH series), and the Stainless Steel (the ST series). Let’s look at each of these:

  • Ni-Slide – the standard product line with the widest range size offering. The shafts are carbon steel and Nitrogen case hardened to enhance the performance and life of the product. The cylinders are black powder coated. This being the standard line it is the most affordable of the three series. It can be used in a range of applications and depending on the actual exposure to the environment can be used in saltwater applications but not recommended if it is presented to constant exposure to the saltwater elements. The end fittings are composite with traditional metal spring clips to retain the socket onto the ball pem.
  • Boost Series – is a unique product by the fact that the product is designed with a stainless steel shaft and carbon steel cylinder body that is clear coated for corrosion resistance. This is obviously a step up from the SL series due to it’s enhanced salt spray protection. The fact that it is not 100% stainless steel allows us to serve the industry with a cost contained product that will stand the rigors of the saltwater environment. The sockets are a 100% composite design and won’t rust due to a uniquely designed release system that eliminates the need for the metal spring clip
  • Stainless Steel – these products are 100% stainless and use the 100% composite sockets. These are for the boaters that want the protection of a fully constructed stainless spring.

So when you need new gas springs, make sure you choose the right one for your situation, and make sure it is an Attwood available from

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