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Boat Lighting: Are Ya Legal, Are Ya Safe?

I’m not alone when I say that boating makes my Top Ten list for most relaxing & borderline-therapeutic activities.¬† Sadly, a lack of understanding, research/preparation, and overall¬† inexperience will create the polar opposite experience for some. Keeping your boat’s Navigation … Continue reading

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Identifying Your Ideal Bilge Pump System

When choosing a primary or secondary bilge pump for your boat, there are many factors to address, such as gallon-per-hour rating, mounting location, cartridge versus non-cartridge, quantity, and brand.¬† With an ocean of articles covering these subjects, I’m skipping ahead … Continue reading

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Solar powered USB & AA Battery charger for 2012

While browsing through our new products for 2012, I ran across a nifty new item from PowerFilm that I would have loved to have: A solar-powered battery charger that works for most small USB devices, as well as AA batteries. … Continue reading

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How to Get Up On a Wakeboard

Getting up on a wakeboard for the first time can be an excruciating process. I remember my first “session” rather well: 45 minutes of thinking the tow rope handle would rip my hands from my body, coupled with the embarrassment … Continue reading

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