Boat Gel Coat Scratch Repair

Boat Gel Coat RepairIs there anything more beautiful than looking down the hull of your boat and seeing that perfectly smooth, gleaming gel coat? On the flip side of that, there’s nothing worse than seeing a chip or scratch in the sleek finish.

To fix those hull blemishes I’m sure all boaters have thought about using something like the Evercoat Match and Patch Kit at some time. Repair products like that have their place, but I’ve always found it to be hard to get a good color match. This is where Spectrum Color saves the day.

I was recently introduced to Spectrum Color. They are a marine gel coat company that makes boat manufacturer specific color matches based on the original gel coat. You just select your boat manufacturer and the year to find the exact color to make any repairs to your hull. See if they make the gel coat colors for your boat, exclusively at

Chip and scratch repairs with the Spectrum Color Patch Paste Repair Kit are easy.Spectrum Boat Gel Coat Patch Kit








For small cosmetic damage that does not penetrate the fiberglass beneath the gel coat, follow the directions below in 60-90 degree temperatures. Also, remember to use safety glasses and gloves.

  1. Prep the area by cleaning with a solvent like acetone.
  2. Sand the damaged area with 220 sandpaper to remove loose material and sharp edges. Keep the repair as small as possible.
  3. In a mixing cup, mix 1oz of Patch Paste (½ jar) with 10 drops of catalyst.Mixing Spectrum Boat Gel Coat
  4. Fill the damaged area and smooth the patch paste slightly above the surface to allow for shrinkage.Boat Gel Coat Application
  5. Once cured, sand the repair area with approximately 280-320 grit sand paper then 600-800 grit paper. Remove all scratches by buffing the area with a mild compound. Restore the deep shine by polishing with wax.Sand Boat Gel Coat
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2 Responses to Boat Gel Coat Scratch Repair

  1. Spring Hill Auto Body, Inc. says:

    I’m a Fiberglass and Gel Coat repair business that uses only Spectrum Gel. I have a few suggestions: #1 Only use these repairs kits in areas that aren’t highly visible (good for areas shown in the picture above) #2 Make sure you order the exact year and color for your model in the patch kits. If it’s in a area that is visible save your time and have it professionally repaired.


  2. cindy says:

    we have minor scrape on the bottom of our jet ski it leaks slightly.
    we are open for suggestions

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