Boat Propeller Hardware

Propeller HardwareA lot of the questions we get in the prop department at have to do with the hardware that is needed with boat propellers. Prop hardware ensures a good fit between the motor and prop, and secures the propeller in place. Not all props use the same hardware, but they typically use a combination of the following five pieces:

  • Thrust Washer – These go between the lower unit and the propeller, providing a snug fit.
  • Spacer – This is the first piece of hardware on the boat prop shaft after the propeller.
  • Washer – Mercury uses tab washers. The tabs are bent to lock with the spacer. Other engine manufacturers use flat washers between the spacer and nut.
  • Prop Nut – Mercury uses a locking nut to complete their propeller hardware. Other boat engine manufacturers use a castle washer.
  • Cotter Pin – Propeller applications using a castle washer also require a cotter pin to help hold the nut in place.

You can find prop hardware at Remember, always consult your engine manual for hardware requirements specific to your engine.

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