Boat Seat Quick Disconnect

Boat Seat Mount

We all have those times with our boats when we wish it was easier to add and remove the seats. Like when there aren’t quite enough seats for the the kids who came on the fishing trip, or when the boat seats deteriorate in the winter weather and it would have been nice just to take them off and store them in the garage. Well, the Tempress Quick Disconnect mount is the solution to these sorts of issues.

The Tempress Quick Disconnect mount is perfect for all the fishermen out there. It is a low profile, quick-disconnect boat seat mount lets you add extra seats on your boat as needed or remove them for extra space with the push of a button. The mount can be installed on any standard fishing boat seat pedestal to any flat surface with 4 screws.  The Quick Disconnect works with the highly rated Tempress All-Weather folding seats and Profile boat seat shells. Also, it comes in a few colors to match your boat.

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