Boating Destinations – Top 5 Places for you and your family

Florida Keys

Boating Destination Florida Keys

Out of the options listed, everyone’s destination of choice was the 120 mile area of the Florida Keys. The keys are considered to be a tropical climate, which makes this an awesome destination! One side is the Gulf, other is the Atlantic Ocean, plenty of room for boating! You can stay in Key West, Big Pine Key, Marathon, Islamorada and Key Largo. It might be a little hard to do some water sports, but you have other activities to try. Some legendary fishing areas, awesome dive locations and open waters for cruising! Not only can you have fun on the boat, but the Key’s also offer many of activities off the boat.

For those who haven’t been here, it is highly recommended you check it out!

Lake Powell

Boating Destination Lake Powell

The second choice was the 186 mile long Lake Powell. One of the largest lakes, which offers a beautiful red rock scenery, blue water and many sandy beaches! Not only is your personal boat fun, but you have to try the houseboats, tour boats, fishing, hiking and sea kayaks. Many of different canyons to explore with your family, and the water is perfect for water sports  If you’re looking to hang out on a beach with friends and family, then don’t worry you should be able to find an open spot with near 2,000 miles of shoreline! There’s a few marinas you can visit, Wahweap, Bullfrog, Hite, Halls Crossing, Antelope and Gangling Rope Marina.

For those that love the scenery and enjoy some water sports, check out Lake Powell!

Lake Mead

Boating Destination Lake Mead

The third choice has the largest water capacity for a reservoir in the United States. With depths of nearly 500 feet, and 247 square miles of surface the reservoir can be up to 28 million acre-feet of water. Named after the commissioner Elwood Mead, the lake was established in 1936. It all began with the Colorado River and first largest cement structure, the Boulder Dam. Soon renamed to the Hoover Dam, it is responsible for creating such a large body of water. There are 9 main access points to the lake, so it can be accessed no matter what direction you’re coming from. Being so close to Las Vegas makes this boating location popular for people who enjoy the bright lights and gambling. An interesting fact about Lake Mead, there is supposedly a Boeing B-29 Super fortress, and 2 smaller planes lying to rest at the bottom of this large reservoir.

A great place for fishing, boating, water sports and so close to the city that never sleeps. This is a must go for boaters everywhere!


Sipadan Island

Boating Destination Sipadan Island

The fourth choice is Sipadan Island, which is near the east coast of Malaysian Borneo. Sipadan Island is recognized for the best scuba diving location around the world. Now that is a big claim, considering how many places you can dive around the world. Before 2002, you were allowed to stay at a resort on this beautiful island. Due to environmental protection, you can no longer stay on the island, but can stay on nearby parts of Malaysia. The island offers a beautiful sandy beach, coral reef and a vast majority of marine life. Although you may not be able to wake-board, water-ski or knee-board. You can most definitely enjoy the water, snorkeling, diving and fishing away from the island!

A great place to visit if you enjoy the open waters, diving and discovering what is beneath you!

Laguna Bacalar

Boating Destination Laguna Bacalar

The fifth choice, known as the Lagoon of the seven colors, Lake Bacalar is a paradise. One of the most amazing things of this location, is the turquoise water color with a deep green lake floor. A great place to boat, kayak, canoe, water-ski, wake-board, fish and scuba dive! An all-around great vacation destination. It really captures the best of all boating activities. If you can’t decide where to take your next vacation, you should definitely look into this lake. It sure seems like a lot of fun for both family and friends. Nearby is the Fuerte San Felipe Bacalar, a fortress built to protect citizens from raids by pirates and Indians.


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