Boating Season around the Corner

Are you a fellow boater that has to experience 3-5 months away from their vessel? Finally, we can celebrate the arrival of warm weather! Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience when out on the water. Whether you are fishing, wake boarding or any other water activity, we provide enough information to ensure this happens.

First things first, if you had to winterize the boat, then it is time to clean it up and get it ready for summer. If you have a Johnson/Evinrude check out the cold start procedures shared on Boating Forums. After you’ve cleaned the boat out, it’s time to double check all of your equipment to make sure it meets 2013 Coast Guard regulations. Life Jackets fall under this equipment check, make sure you have enough life jackets for all members on the boat.

If you haven’t attended a safety class before, then we strongly recommend you visit at least on in your area. Many classes are offered for recreational boaters of all ages. Find a boating safety course near you today and get signed up.

The boating safety course should cover the final bit of details needed before getting out on the water this summer. Also, make sure you know your way around the water. It can be really helpful to know where the shallow spots are. Use our marine navigation charts, maps and software to help you navigate this summer.

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