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Flying Fish

A fellow boater posted this picture. The comment stated, “So this hit me in the chest while driving my boat last night…” Imagine driving, loving the cruise and fresh air; when all the sudden something slugs you in the chest. If you calculate the speed he is driving, and how fast the fish is going, it must be a little painful. On the bright and not so painful side, how often do you see a fish like this? I couldn’t find a name for this species, but a little information on flying fish can be read below.

From resources available, flying fish grow up to about 18 inches long. The one in the picture above appears to be close, if not fully matured. Don’t be confused, they can’t actually fly, it’s more of gliding. The fish build up speed enough speed needed under the water. Then using their tail fin, the flying fish explodes from the water. Extending the large wing like front fins, the fish begins its glide. The flying fish may be able to glide higher then the boats gunwale.

Not that you have to worry much about this happening to you, but be ready for anything to happen out on the water.

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4 Responses to Can flying fish be dangerous? – Boating Humor

  1. BM2 Jeff says:

    Oh they can certainly get higher than a typical gunwale. When I was in the Navy aboard a 527′ long destroyer, we’d often awake in the morning and observe several dead flying fish on the main deck. This mostly happened in stormy weather. I believe they’d get extra altitude coming out of the tops of the big swells. During calmer times they’d just get a couple feet above the surface usually.

  2. Miguel A. Matos says:

    It does hurt! I lived in Hawaii for a while and a job I did required I drive a boat sometimes at night. One night I hit a wake where a school of these fish were swimming. Got them startled and of they took off flying, couple hit me and couple the boat. The sizes were about what you see in the picture. They did glided about fifty feet above water. Awsome site.

  3. Tony says:

    Wow some great stories.

    I didn’t know this happened as much as it appears to. It would be awesome to see this happen in person, especially if they’re reaching heights around 50 feet!

  4. Rick Repin says:

    Oh wow how crazy is that i have never heard of this before but like you said you never know what will happen on the water! Thanks for sharing this store and the awesome photo of the flying fish!

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