Choosing a Marine De-Icer

When you are protecting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property and assets, whether it’s your  boat, dock or marina, you want to make sure you choose a marine de-icer  you can trust. Kasco has been manufacturing de-icers for the marine industry for over 45 years and has sold them throughout the world, even as far north as 312 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Extreme cold, salt water, or industrial applications are no match for a Kasco Marine De-icer.

When choosing a de-icer, you want to make sure you are purchasing a product that is going to do the job and be reliable, efficient, and cost effective. There are choices on the market, but not all of these choices are equal.

First, to ensure any de-icer product will work effectively, you need to have some basic conditions to allow for success. They work by moving warm, bottom water to the surface. You need to have several feet of water depth in order for the product to work in most cases. In extremely shallow applications, a de-icer may work for some time, but during an extended, cold winter, your ice free area may disappear.

You also need to size your de-icer properly for the application. Take into account obstructions in the water, such as docks, pilings, boats, etc. These all can block flow of water so size and quantity of de-icers will be affected. For example, floating docks inhibit more flow than docks on pilings. Deep keel boats will inhibit more flow than small, shallow keel boats.

Reliable performance is essential with their products. All Kasco marine de-icers are designed with industrial strength components and protected by a sacrificial zinc anode for corrosion protection. All exposed metal is marine grade stainless steel. Motor tops and propellers are constructed from engineering grade thermoplastics for excellent durability and reliability. Kasco also uses non-toxic, oil cooled motors for a more efficient cooling and lubrication of seals. All of these features equate to a quality constructed piece of equipment and you can rely on for protection of your property or marina.

You will need electricity available to run any de-icer product. This also ties into efficiency. Look at the motor amp draw. This will help you determine what the de-icer will cost per hour of operation using this formula (Volts x Amps)/1000 = kW. Then take your local kWh costs and multiply by the kW to get your hourly cost to operate the de-icer. Kasco uses highly efficient, oil cooled motors and with each size having a specifically designed prop for optimum performance with minimal electrical costs.

When purchasing this product, you need to take into account the purchase price, operational costs, maintenance costs, etc. in order to choose the most cost effective product. When all of these aspects are combined, Kasco offers the best value on the dollar of any de-icing product on the market. Couple that with the superior performance and reliability, and the choice is easy. When you are in the market for a de-icer, your best choice is Kasco De-Icers for reliable, efficient, and cost effective performance.

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Special thanks to Kasco Marine for providing the information.


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