Could this be the biggest yacht?

Our first thought was probably the same as yours, are you serious?! A UK yacht designer has given the extremely wealthy a chance to own this 500 foot gigantic ship.

Mega Yacht

Figure 1: Picture from

Amazing! This enormous ship is known as “Streets of Monaco”, and will have replicas of famous Monaco landmarks. The top deck will feature a replica of the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris and many others. Not only will there be the famous replicas, but a fully functional go-kart race track based on the Monaco Grand Prix race track. Now this is just the top deck, there are also multiple pools, basketball court, Jacuzzi, submarine, ski & wakeboard boat, inflatable boats, PWC’s  and the list goes on!

Streets of Monaco will have enough space to accommodate over 80 passengers, including over 50 staff! Although this is just a design, it very well could be real if there is a person out there with the wallet ready!





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