Do I really need all these cover straps?

boat cover strapsCustom Boat Cover with Straps

Straps are an efficient way to secure the cover to your boat and trailer when you are moving it.  Each manufacturer sells their own strap kits that come with varying numbers of straps.

Some boat cover strap kits will come in a set length that can then be cut down to your desired size, or they may come in a roll which will allow you to cut your own.

How many straps you will need is unique and specific to your boat and trailer.  Whether your boat is 12’ in length or 30’ in length, you will receive the same amount of straps, depending on the manufacturer of the cover.

Let’s say you have twelve straps.  While it may not be necessary to use every single strap for a smaller boat (although it can’t hurt), a larger boat may require more straps in order to properly the cover.

Rather than using snaps, as some custom covers come with, the covers you will find on our website utilize straps.  The way this works is that there are loops sewn into the hem of the cover which you put these straps through, which then buckle to your trailer, keeping it secure while you move it.

When installing the straps, you need to take into account the shape and size of your boat, as well as your trailer.  It may not be viable to put straps in certain areas, due to the design of the trailer.  You may need to try placing the straps in a few different locations to ensure that your boat cover is properly secured, but once you figure it out, you’ll be very happy the straps are there.

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  1. ed says:

    I’m looking for straps for my Carver boat cover (bayliner 17 1/2 175 br). Most straps are listed as 8′. I measured for mine using tape measure and 8′ is to short. Mine is closer to 9′. I don’t get the 8′ when it’s to short. Are these straps for jon boats etc. Should not be such a hassle to just get some boat straps that fit right. Any recommendations.

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