Electrical Trailer Winch vs. Hand Crank Trailer Winch

For trailer parts, when it comes to selecting a trailer winch, the first thing to think about is the length that you will need. It is the easiest thing to estimate, over all the things that you will need to think about. Its the weight that the winch is designed to pull, not the length. You’ll have to think about not only the weight of the boat itself, but of the gear, the fuel in the tanks, and the water. Those are the things you need to think about when selecting size, but then you will need to choose cable or strap. Also whether you want Electric winch or Hand Crank winch. That is what I am hoping to help enlighten you with. I have created a pro’s and con’s list for the electric winch and the hand crank winch.

Electric Winch



Easy loading no matter a persons physical strength or condition.

Must be wired for, or have an electrician set up the installation.

Easier loading for heavier boats.

Electrical Winch runs off battery and electrical system

No risk for muscle strain or muscle aches.

Price is more expensive then a hand crank winch.

Back up hand crank included in case of winch failure.

Remote to help with guiding the boat or stand out of the way for safety.

Hand Crank Winch

Pro’s Con’s
Less expensive, which is great for a boating budget. Requires physical strength.
No electrical wiring needed for installation. The bigger the boat, the heavier it is. More strain.
No worry about any system failure, battery or electrical. No remote control option.
Helps tone your muscle.
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