Emergence of Wakeboarding Parks

Of all the fun water sports, wakeboarding is the fastest growing sport because of the adrenalin rush it produces. Being a variation of surfing and skateboarding, the sport has the rider being pulled by a motorboat on the water while standing on the wake board. For the best experience and fun, the boat usually rides at between 18 – 25 Mph (30 – 40 Km/h). The huge interest in the sport has been as a result of the benefits to wakeboarders. Apart from loads of fun, the game is also great exercise that essentially works the whole body while you are enjoying a great view of the ocean. Further, the sport boosts your social status because you can enjoy it in the company of family, friends and even brand new acquaintances you meet at the beach. It is also a good sport for learning to improve reaction times and co-ordination because it requires mental concentration.

Due to the popularity of the sport, wakeboarding has been taken to another level. Wakeboarding parks have emerged where lakes are converted into one huge park for the sport. Numerous cables are laid on a path around the lake and held by a series of masts with an electric motor pulling the participants instead of a motor boat. Riders hold on to a rope attached to the cables that rotate around the lake. This has proven to be a lot more fun because up to 6 people can wakeboard on one cable at the same time, further increasing the excitement. To spice up the experience, various obstacles are placed in the path to give riders an amazing experience. However, if you are not yet good at the sport you can avoid the obstacles.

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Another reason that wakeboarding in water parks has proven to be so popular is because one does not need much in terms of equipment. In many parks, the entry fee includes the hire of the board, a helmet and a life jacket. It also does not matter whether you have participated in the sport before or not, the parks have professional wakeboarding instructors who will take you through the paces. Age is not a problem too, with the sport being suitable for people of all ages from children all the way to seniors. For an introduction to the sport, you can start with kneeboarding where you are pulled while kneeling on the board. Later you can graduate to wakeboarding while on your feet. Most people can wakeboard a bit on their own after an hour or so of training. If you have been looking of the ultimate water sports, wakeboarding is just right for you.

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