First Electric Ferry

Where there are no bridges, you need a ferry to move your vehicle across the open water. This is common all over the world. In Norway, the Lavik-Oppadel ferry burns roughly 264,000 gallons of diesel fuel a year. Everyone knows that must be an expensive bill. I am willing to bet the owner is wishing they thought of this earlier. In the year 2015, Siemens and Fjellstrand (a Norwegian shipyard), will release the newly developed electric ferry boat.

Electric Ferry 2

First Electric Ferry

This big vessel is propelled by two very large propellers, and props are powered by two 11 ton batteries.  Do you think that much battery is needed to power this 262 foot ferry? Expected to hold 360 passengers and 120 cars, it will be a big help to the surrounding villages.

Electric Ferry

Electric Ferry

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  1. Stuart says:

    I wonder how efficient it is, plus what the running costs are compared to a diesel equivalent. A good move forwards though.

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