First Year Owner [SHBT]

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Posted by softshoe, Cadet
Plug? What plug? Yes, the $4.00 part that could have saved thousands of dollars!

This is my first year owning a boat. On my fourth trip out I decided to take my daughter and son fishing. Well we pulled into our first fishing spot and caught a few fish in the first few minutes we was there, when all of a sudden my daughter asked why water is coming up out of our floor drain. I turned on the bilge pump for a few minutes, and it is pumping water out good, but the water in the floor of the boat is getting deeper. I look around wondering WTH is going on. Finally I bend over the transom of the boat reaching down in the water, trying to find my drain plug. (Which wasn’t in the hole). I being embarrassed told my daughter to open up the glove box and hand me the plug. A few minutes after getting the plug back in, and the bilge pump running, we was sitting high and dry again. After that, I now have two spare plugs that I carry with me, and I always double check making sure I put the plug back in while I am taking my transom straps off the back of the boat before putting it in the water.

Posted by xeddog, Seaman

Twice I’ve had to go over the side in 50 degree water to put the plug in. And when the water temp is 50 degrees, and the air temp is 50 degrees and the humidity is at least 90%, and you don’t have dry clothes… It’s friggin cold!

I now have a printed checklist that I go through before launching. I can’t put the plug in before leaving the house because here in California it is illegal to tow your boat with the plug in it.

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