Fishing Trip – 120 Pound catfish caught by Woman

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Massive CatfishSome fishing stories you hear, you believe because they’re well known fishers. Others you just don’t believe without a photo or video for proof. This 20 year old, Kirstin Hole of Britain caught an enormous catfish while fishing with her boyfriend. The fish being so big, she had to hug it just to show the size!  Kirstin is 5’2” tall, the fish she is holding measured to be 7 feet in length and weighed 120 pounds.  Now that is one big cat, could you imagine what she was thinking when the hook was set?

This young lady fought the catfish for an hour, until finally she was able to bring it to shore. This was a catch and release, all photos and weight was done with the help of nearby fisherman and her boyfriend. Although this may not be the biggest freshwater fish caught in the U.K., it is the biggest one to be caught by a woman!

Congratulations to Kirstin for setting new records in the fishing world.

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